What is the process of getting Driving License in Nepal?

Wed, May 29, 2024 05:08 PM

Obtaining a driving license in Nepal is an essential step for anyone looking to drive legally and safely. The process is comprehensive, involving several stages of examinations, trials, and evaluations to ensure drivers are well-prepared and knowledgeable. This article provides a detailed overview of each step, from the initial online application to receiving your permanent license. Whether you're aiming for a two-wheeler or four-wheeler license, understanding these procedures is key to navigating the system smoothly and successfully. By thoroughly preparing and following the outlined steps, you'll be well on your way to becoming a licensed driver in Nepal. Let's explore the entire journey of acquiring a driving license, starting with registration and ending with the issuance of your official license.

Here's a step-by-step summary of the process of obtaining a driving license in Nepal:

Online Registration:

 - Apply for a driving license through the official transportation website of Nepal.


   - Visit the Department of Transport Management (DOTM) office on the designated date.
   - Submit the application form and pay the required fees.
   - Provide fingerprints of both thumbs, digital signature, and photograph for biometric registration.
   - Receive approval from the officer and obtain a signed application form.

Medical Test:

   - Proceed to the medical section after biometrics.
   - Undergo tests for eyesight, colorblindness, and blood group (if necessary).
   - Pay fees for the medical tests.
   - Obtain approval from the medical officer and receive the application form back.

Written Test:

   - Submit the approved application form in the payments section.
   - Pay fees for the written test.
   - Receive a receipt and an admit card for the written test.
   - Attend the written exam on the scheduled date.
   - Answer 20 questions on general knowledge of vehicles and traffic rules, aiming for a minimum score of 80 marks.

Trial Exam:

   - If you pass the written exam, proceed to the trial exam.
   - Bring your citizenship card, admit card, and receipt from the written test.
   - Complete the specified tests based on the type of license:
     - For two-wheelers: Navigate through an 8-shaped path, narrow path, sharp turns, zebra crossing with traffic lights, speed breaker test, and uphill/downhill tests.
     - For four-wheelers: Similar tests as two-wheelers, plus a U-turn test and proper parking.

Post-Trial Procedures:

   - Visit the DOTM office again 10 days after passing the trial exam.
   - Pay the required fees for the license category (Rs. 1500 for Category A, Rs. 400 for Category B).
   - Receive a payment receipt with your license number, serving as a temporary license.
   - Some offices may issue a one-year temporary license.
   - Await issuance of the permanent license, typically after the one-year temporary period.

License Validity:

   - Your permanent license will expire five years from the date of issue.

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