Top Ten Hydropower in Nepal [Updated]

Thu, Feb 15, 2024 07:46 PM

Nepal's hydropower sector is a key player in the country's energy landscape, driving economic growth and sustainability. The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) features a diverse array of hydropower companies contributing significantly to the nation's energy production. In this report, we delve into the top ten hydropower companies listed on NEPSE, ranked by their impressive Earnings Per Share (EPS).

Top 10 Hydropowers in Nepal (In terms of EPS)

Here's a detailed overview of each of these hydropower companies, along with their financial and operational highlights:

1. Mountain Energy Nepal Limited (MEN)

Mountain Energy Nepal Limited, incorporated under the Companies Act, 2053, started as a Private Limited Company in 2064 and later converted into a Public Limited Company on 03.05.2071. The company operates the Mistri Khola Hydroelectric Project with an installed capacity of 42 MW and has received a survey license for the Mistri Khola 2 Hydroelectric Project. They also manage the Tadi Khola Hydroelectric Project in Nuwakot district, generating 5 MW of power.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 12,201,767,400
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs. 1,968,027,000
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 35.58
PE Ratio 17.59
ROE 20.06 %
ROA 9.82 %


2. Sahash Urja (SAHAS)

Sahas Urja Limited has fully acquired Hydro Venture Pvt Ltd which holds the license of Solu Khola Hydroelectricity Project. Solu Khola (Dudhkoshi) Hydroelectric Project (SKDKHEP) is an 86 MW Run Of River (RoR) type of project located at Solududhkunda Municipality & Thulung Dudh Koshi Gaupalika (Former Tingla, Kangel & Panchan VDCs) of Solukhumbu District,  Nepal.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 12,201,767,400
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs. 3,500,000,000
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 26.21
PE Ratio 21.6
ROE 15.03 %
ROA 5.36 %

3. Mandu Hydropower (MANDU)

Mandu Hydropower Limited was established on April 15, 2012. It is a hydroelectric project with a capacity of 22 MW of electricity generation. It is a joint project with Sichuan Hechuan Co. Ltd. (SHIC) in Chengdu, China. This project is located at Bagmati River, IPA, Panchakanya VDC, Makwanpur District, Bagmati Zone, Nepal. This project has been successfully running for the last 2 years.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 9,750,004,550
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs. 1,363,637,000
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 25.02
PE Ratio 28.58
ROE 17.9 %
ROA 8.24 %

4. Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Limited (RURU)

Ru Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Limited obtained a survey license for the Upper Hugdi Khola Hydropower Project, a 5 MW run-of-river project in Gulmi district. The project has been in commercial operation since 2071 Chaitra 09, supplying electricity to Nepal Electricity Authority.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 3,604,715,947
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs 493,323,655
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 23.9
PE Ratio 30.58
ROE 16.5%
ROA 13.9%

5. Supermai Hydropower Limited (SMH)

Supermai Hydropower Limited was established in 2071 and focuses on safe, cost-effective, and efficient energy generation. Their first project, the Super-Mai hydropower project, operates with a capacity of 7.8 MW.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 3,674,000,000
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs 500,000,000
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 23.06
PE Ratio 31.86
ROE 18.92%
ROA 8.02%

6. Sanima Mai Hydropower Ltd. (SHPC)

Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited has been active in the hydropower sector since 2005, successfully developing in-house projects and offering consulting services to external clients.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 10,843,271,010
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs 3,089,251,000
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 21.63
PE Ratio 16.23
ROE 11.44%
ROA 8.92%

7. Green Ventures Limited (GVL)

Green Ventures Limited operates the Likhu-IV Hydroelectric Project with a planned capacity of 52.4 MW. The project is located in the Okhaldhunga and Ramechhap districts.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 14,621,875,000
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs 3,125,000,000
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 19.53
PE Ratio 23.96
ROE 16.73%
ROA 5.25%

8. Nepal Hydro Developers Ltd. (NHDL)

Nepal Hydro Developer Limited aims to promote Nepal's hydropower sector through private investment. They have developed the 3.52 MW Charanawoti Hydroelectrical Project in Dolakh District, with an annual energy generation of 20.383 GWh.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 1,668,165,681
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs 359,441,000
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 18.45
PE Ratio 25.16
ROE 16.03%
ROA 12.37%

9. Menchhiyam Hydropower Limited (MCHL)

Menchhiyam Hydropower Limited, a small-cap company, plays a role in Nepal's hydropower sector. It has an EPS of 8.09 and is continually contributing to the nation's energy production.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 2,045,539,041
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs 542,583,300
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 17.03
PE Ratio 22.13
ROE 20.60%
ROA 6.09%

10. Kutheli Bukhari Small Hydropower Limited (KBSH)

The registered office of the company is Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward no. 10 New Baneshwar is located in Kathmandu. Similarly, the company's project site and hydropower generation center and other physical infrastructures are located in Bhimeshwar municipality of Dolakha district. The company is operating the Sushpa Bukhari Khola small hydropower project with a capacity of 998 KW at the same location.

Metric Value
Market Cap (Rs) Rs 1,261,328,625
Paid Up Capital (Rs) Rs 121,867,500
Earnings Per Share (EPS) Rs 16.93
PE Ratio 61.12
ROE 10.75%
ROA 8.3%


Nepal's hydropower companies are making substantial contributions to the nation's energy production and economic growth. These top ten companies, with their impressive EPS figures, demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and economic prosperity. As Nepal continues to harness its hydropower potential, these companies are likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the country's energy future. Investors and stakeholders keen on the hydropower sector should keep a close watch on these top-performing companies in the NEPSE.

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